A downloadable game for Windows

Made in 7 days for the Wind Game Jam

It would be highly appreciated if you could

rate and leave feedback after playing.

The Desolate skies is a physics driven procedurally generated Airship simulator, where you're tasked of gathering supplies scattered around the mountain tops while keeping your Airship fueled, and repaired.

The ground is covered in a thick layer of smog, unbreathable to humans- so best stay out of it.

Feature list:

  • Fully physics driven Airship simulation.
  • Procedurally generated landscape.
  • Wind simulation that affects the physics of the Airship.


  • Left click & Rick click to interact with held items and Levers.
  • F to pick up objects.

Good to know:

  • Don't forget your binoculars before your trip, they're well useful!
  • The Air turbulence & Intensity increases with altitude, so be careful.


Shown on:

Story and world building file attached below that didn't make it in the final build.


The Desolate Skies_x64.7z 118 MB
The Desolate Skies_x86.7z 116 MB
Desolate Skies Jam Story and World Building for Game Jam.pdf 173 kB


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it says says flashplayer.dll was not found :/

That's odd, it's a standard windows application, it should not require flash. If you want further support you need to give more info then that for me to help.


Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing at all while I was playing this but I know that I adored every single second of it! The aesthetic of being above the clouds and seeing the mountains was genuinely breathtaking! 

(This is the fourth game on the video)


I'd recommend adding an option to exit the game through the Escape key, with a confirmation prompt; and perhaps an Exit option to the main menu. Other than that, it's a pretty interesting game.

Thank you for the feedback! This being a gamejam game you gotta make compromises, and since Alt + F4 is already sooo convenient it didn't make it in the game :)


Totally forgot about that keyboard shortcut. Neat little game. Would love to see its concept expanded upon in the future.