A downloadable game for Windows

Forsaken Café:

Made in 14 days for RNDGAME JAM II

(Theme: Forsaken Café)

It would be highly appreciated if you could

rate and leave feedback after playing.

Punished to work in a café, you work to gain the reputation, serving the denizens of the purgatory.


Programmer & Art: Markus Franz [ITCH.IO]
Music & Composing: Samantha Van Der Sluis [SOUNDCLOUD]
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsMarkus Franz, Samantha
Tags3D, Casual, Cute, Low-poly, rndgame2021, Unity


Release01.7z 75 MB
Release01.zip 86 MB


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Made a video


it was fun!


This was a fun little game with a really nice, cozy atmosphere. Is there a way to progress after you max out reputation, or does that end the game?

Glad you've enjoyed it! Yes after maxing the reputation it ends the game, sorry if you wanted to continue in an endless fashion! 

I'm a bit of a pessimist and during the end of the game jam I tend to not look so favourably upon my game :D

Thanks for the nice words! :)


Very cool Markus! I had fun with this. Looks like you nailed that graphical style you were wanting. Obviously gives me 3DS Animal Crossing vibes serving coffee at The Roost. :)

A few things:

1) The day never progresses past 'Monday' on the results screen. Maybe it's just always Monday in Purgatory, haha.

2) I would accidentally read the ingredients list instead of serving to the customer, over and over. Perhaps removing the ability to read the menu when you have a coffee in your hand would alleviate that.

3) Did washing dishes accomplish anything, or did it count as a cleaned table as long as they were in the sink? If so, some sort of drying rack that fills with washed cups would have been some good visual feedback.

4) This game didn't play nicely with my ultrawide monitor. A windowed mode in the options would've helped with my very first world problem.

But yeah, overall very cool. The music really fit the vibe well too, nice work Samantha!


Thank you, it was so much fun! The only thing is I first had trouble reading the recipes because of the graphics ;)


Good Job to you and Samantha. I wanted to grab her for my game, but someone else got her first :P

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so sweet game,


Thank you! It was fun to make :)