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Was a super fun game! It was hilarious and the intentional frustrating camera and control system made it even more random and funny and never boring at all. Was fun all around and super fun to play!

I wish there was a way to lower the resolution,  other than that a great game!

its a nice game, its hard to control so its pretty hard, but i lost the game because i got my arm stuck in a wall

nice game, but crappy method of controlling the guy, either her looks up in the air or on the floor or stumbles over his own feet, but cant control his arm very well

I was too clumsy for this game but man was this fun and aggravating! Also the soundtrack is straight-up slapping!

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Can you make zip file version?

i cant go backwards.

I'm impressed how entertaining this game is for how long it took to make it. Great Job.

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7zip is free and open source:

and 7zip files can be opened by any popular archive compression software. 



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this is me playing the game and it was really fun to play. it would mean alot if you could help by sharing my channel and helping it grow!


Hi! I tested your game! ^^

It was really fun! I'm amazed that you did all that in 3 days! It's a great game, good job! :)


This was a fun game to play and make a video on! I found it a little too frustrating though, made me rage a little bit XD

Please check out  the video and my channel: VladMan. Thank you!!!

Very interesting and relaxing game! I've never seen something like that before! Good luck in new projects!

Here's my gameplay but it's on russian language ;)

Wow this was a lot of fun to play. I rarely used the space bar, I am not sure if that would have helped or not. I messed around a lot with Mr. Boss. I would say that the text on the left side is a bit small and hard to read at times. The fact you made this in three days is impressive.

Five stars from me! You game is the third one in the video. I'm looking forward to more things from you.

what program am i supposed to run this on? every time i run the file it  just says i dont have an app to run it.


you need 7zip to unpack the .7z file

It's a windows application, compressed in a 7zip archive. You don't have 7zip (or another similar application that can open those compressed files). Get yourself one of those, extract the files and then you can play.

Dude i love this game its hilarious 


WRECKING The Office! TOO FUNNY! | Hello My Name Is:

This game was actually alot of fun! Really hope it gets highly rated! ⭐

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there is way to open it in blender

open asset studio gui...

drop game folder

extract 3d models

open it in blender

is this suppost to open in blender? beacuse if yes then i cant play that game its crashed


No the zip file nor the exe are supposed to open in blender.

oh ok thanks

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I really liked this game an its idea you should continue developing it and make it a full game. You should also improve the camera angles and the environment you play in. The playarea is really cramped for this style of game. Give the player more room to play with.


Here is my gameplay of me screwing around and failing to do everyday tasks like walking 

no no no F is to pay respect


Fun game Poly! I enjoyed doing a takedown on the boss. I didn't get fired though cause I messed up delivering the envelopes to 2 employees and it only told me to do work at keyboard which I did a lot. Was fun causing mayham and doing the limbo while walking around.

Overall the game is great. Camera is a bit whack and grabbing things could be better but it was a quick little bit of fun and I enjoyed it greatly.


I wish the game was a little easier or you could at least fix the camera angles but other than that it was fun. 

please add linux support

Ah shit, here we go to office ☻ Cool game,  but the main character breaks.

Thanks for the vid! Move the mouse up and down to control the spine of the character :)


I loved this game! I didn't expect to be fired within like 5 minutes lol. It was hilarious! I'll be checking out your other games too! Thanks Polyethyleneglykol!!!!Phew that was a mouthful.

Side note: I need to buy a red coffee mug now. 


Such a fun game! I made a video out of it

Hilarious, must play


Surprisingly fun, thank you!

can you make this into 32 bits win

Is There a way u can make the files smaller or somethng it takes  really long to down load and i got like 50 kbs a sec so i dont know if thats my side cuz i have increadible internet and a pretty good comuter

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thats you, your internets shit



This game is absolutely hilarious

chicka chicka slim shady (had to make the joke) 

its work for me

i have 5.0MB/Sec downloading


Made a video

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